Many people habour a secret ambition to become beatmakers or Producers, well, sometimes the desire and ambition aren’t exactly secret, but you get the point.

Becoming a Producer is hardwork and sometimes it could also be draining on a financial level, there are many amazing software that you can use out there, but not everyone has ATM card flowing with money to buy these software, so what do you do then?


Seriously though, do not do that, not even a little bit. There are free software that you can use for your beatmaking endeavours and they are competent to get you started on your long journey to becoming a Cobhams Asuquo or Dr. Dre (not a real doctor btw) or Timbaland (minus the fact that he’s a great producer, his name needs work).

So, i’ll briefly list 4 Software that you can use for Beatmaking that are also free and available on both Windows or Apple (if you own an Apple i’d have to ask why you’d want free software, but then again for all i know, the Mac was a gift from a benevolent Uncle, or… you know…life happened)

Alright then, lets get to it


FL Studio

This one is actually a bit of a cheat as it’s not exactly free, what you can get is a trial period that lets you the software for free and it’s a really, really cool software.

Fruity Loops has been around for a while and has been the go-to software for many a beat maker and it is an all in one experience as it allows you create, edit and mix music.

There are three versions of FL Studio: Fruity, Producer and Signature all cos between $99 and $299. The DAW which is a regular feature with these software is a little different with FL as it makes it easier than ever to make music and create formulas to reach your expected goal.

It also comes stocked with a Library that makes sourcing for sounds less of a chore.



If you’re more into classical, then this is definitely. It’s a free software that allows you to write sheet music and create scores.

It might not have features of the paid software (you’re getting it free sir, don’t be greedy) but it is still really good and useful.

WYSIWYG creation and editing, support for unlimited staves, unlimited score length, a plug-in architecture, and excellent-looking notation are all par for course with this software.

You also have greater control over where your clef, stave, accidental, performance mark, and so on are placed.

It has MIDI input, Music XML import and export, its own internal sounds, and support for ASI0 (a low latency audio standard) and JACK MIDI (a free patch bay that works between MIDI programs), though not the more popular Rewire (another patch bay/signal router).




Drumflow is another software that’s quite useful, with its large library of sample files, creating has never been easier

Users are also allowed to change those files using the inbuilt tools and create their kind of beats. Pitch and tone are adjustable too. DrumFlow has build-in Drum Setup editor (for GS or XG MIDI)

You can also export your custom percussion to your MIDI editor and create just the beat you want.




This is also a drum sequencer that’s free and is designed to be as creative as possible with some unusual features : auto-composition, polyrythmes, custom arpeggiator, automatic sounds/track matching , custom softsynths, lowfi rendering and more … Ideal for experimentation and fast results.

It has become really popular in recent times mostly because it can do so much while still not costing you anything (you know how people like awoof)

What more, Ordrumbox also automatically composes bass lines, melodic patterns and complete songs while again costing you nothing.

Added features include a rhythms database and sounds database including music items which can be fully edited.

And that’s it. I think i’ve tried and y’all should be grateful, if anyone becomes a successful producer due to this blog, then feel free to credit me– i like credit.


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