So i’ve always been fascinated by DJs and Producers and their unwavering love for headphones, and not just anyhow headphones, not those weird ‘Havit’ ones you pick up at Computer Village, but real ones.

You might have a dream to become a Dj, producer, or you just have a tonne of money and you feel like oppressing the rest of the world. Below is a list of Headphones you totally have to get to pull this off.

Note though, this is not a ranking list, just a couple of headphones to get.\


Beyerdynamics DT 770


These headphones are an absolute monster to have. They provide a balanced sound and are easy on the ears with its soft grey inside. Offering an 80ohm impedance and a pair of 45mm drivers, the DT 770 will certainly not let you down.

It is a bit pricey as it is currently priced at around $199 (roughly N71,640). Another criticism is that in terms of design, it makes attempt to be super stylish, it’s a pair of headphones that say ‘hey, we’ve got a job to do, no time for all this makeup, let’s just do our job’ which is a shame as a bit more sheen would have made this truly a marvel.

The cord is also super long and is non-removable, so while you can leave you laptop in Australia and walk all the way to China with your headphones still connected (I kid, it’s 10ft long), you also have headphones that aren’t particularly made for going out or anything.



Audio Technica ATH M50x

These ones are easier on the eye, with a sleek brown design that’s well incorporated with the black, these are a lovely set of headphones to have.

Highly praised and recommended by top audio engineers, the ATH M5x comes with proprietary 45 mm large-aperture drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminium wire voice coils.

It also features 90° swivelling earcups for easy, one-ear monitoring, meaning you can turn the cup around to listen while at the time you swirl your finger  in the air to say ‘this gbedu is the shiznit’ (DJ Notorious, i’m looking at you).

While the impedance stands at a pretty normal 38 omhs, it still has pretty decent sound quality.

As a criticism, i would say if you have Dumbo ears, you’ll have to regulate the time spent wearing these guys as your ears have a tendency to hurt if on for too long.


Sennheiser HD280 PRO

Another of the industrial looking ones. The Sennheiser HD280 PRO is a closed around-the-ear headphone with high ambient noise attenuation.

It’s a golden oldie which was released in 2003 (that was a whopping 15 years ago! I was…young at the time) which is set up for long listening sessions and even with its industrial look, it’s still pretty comfortable.

It has a non-detachable cable though which isn’t with keeping with the times. It also isn’t the loudest thing you’d get out there, but at $99, it is pretty easy on the pocket in terms of productions earphones and is still up to standard on terms of quality.

With an impedance of 64 ohms, the HD280 PRO isn’t going to ‘burst your brain’ but it will provide low end sound that’s balanced and clean.



The first time i saw these, the first thing that came to mind was ‘Aliens’. With the spindly top that snakes (anyone think N36 million?) to the side, it’s easy for one to think this.

They are open back meaning that the sound quality is impeccable and it comes with a couple of neat accesories. It’s is a tad bulky meaning that everyday use is a bit difficult and you definitely don’t want to be wearing it in a crowded bus during rush hour (why you’d think to do that in the first place is beyond me).

While the sound quality is great, there is a lot of noise leakage…so… err….if you happen to be listening to death metal while in a room full of people, they’ll know you’re the spawn of the devil and holy water will be ordered in quick time (i hear they retail it now).

It’s also not very snug and it tends to fall off a lot if you decide to wear it while jogging (earphones have always been better for jogging…that’s just common sense)

All in all though, they are quality headphones that you should totally think of buying…err…it’s just a meagre $499 or in more comprehensive terms N180,000, Wait! WAIT! stop running now!


V-Moda Crossfade M100

V-Moda Crossfade


Honestly, these aren’t strictly production headphones, but darn don’t they look good?

Design wise, the Crossfade is absolutely fabulous. It’s foldable, sleek and comfortable. You can take them on a trip, move around, commute and so on with them.

Designed to survive 70-plus impacts from a height of six feet onto a concrete floor, the steel-reinforced headband can be flattened 10 times and still return to its original curve. The faux-leather-covered, memory foam ear cushions are all user-replaceable and provide a tight, noise-blocking seal.

The cables are also detachable, giving it another point as for portability. The headphone comes with two gray Kevlar-reinforced cables: a 36-inch wire for Apple, Android, and Windows with a compatible in-line one-button remote and microphone, and a 78-inch “plain” cable.

It can be connected to either cup– the cables that is.

The only sticking point is the price. At $220 (or N79,200 approximately), it could be a little difficult to purchase if you’re on a budget. If you have 30 billion in your account though, then you should totally buy these guys.


And that’s our list. Five headphones that are awesome and with which you can start your production career…just don’t forget other stuff like an ear for music, capital to buy other equipment and so on, if not you’ll just be a guy/girl with a really expensive headphone and no wad of cash from desperate clients.

Okay then, now it’s time for me to go and disturb Cobhams for chocolate.

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